Not all massage therapists are the same.


Hi.  I'm Karen.  Nice to meet you.

If you read the name affiliated with my massage practice and you thought, "Ha! That's funny!", then you are my kind of client.  I don't take myself too seriously, but I definitely take my work with you VERY seriously.  I'm here to help.  I do something I like to call "muscle re-education", as well as relaxation/rejuvenation massage, deep tissue massage, clinical massage, vacuum cup therapy, injury rehabilitation, post-surgical recovery, Kinesiotaping, myofascial adhesion release, body pattern evaluation,  Reiki, acupressure and a heavy dose of client education. This is not cookie-cutter massage.  Every session is different.

If you're into slow, hyper-relaxing, therapeutic, rejuvenating  body work, then come see me.  I do it.  I like it.  But it's not my focus, as many spas and facilities offer it. Not that there is anything wrong with "the relaxation massage" bodywork.  It's very relaxing, therapeutic and rejuvenating for most people.  I encourage anyone looking for that sort of work to ask for it.  It's good for you, especially on a regular basis.   I incorporate it when it's the right thing for a client, even if they've been with me for the deeper therapeutic, problem-focused work all along.  Sometimes, after a long week/day/month, you just need a quiet pain-free hour to get yourself back together.  It's what we all started out learning how to practice.  Then, something changes for some of us.  *insert mad scientist laugh here*

I do deeper, more intense restorative work.  It is relaxing.  I can promise you that when you get off my table, even after experiencing "therapeutic discomfort" from a particularly intense, localized session, you will feel relaxed.  Very.  

Just "don't poke there tomorrow".

I know people.

If for some reason, whether it be the misalignment of the stars, solar flares, or some other unnatural disaster occurs and conspires against our therapeutic relationship, I can find you someone in another modality or in medical practice that might be able to either help you, or reinforce the work we're doing.  Trainers, Instructors, Yoga-ers, stretch-and-pullers, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Energy workers, Naturopaths, Psychotherapists, medical intuitive/clairvoyants, etc.  I'm developing new working relationships all the time and am not afraid to refer.  I'll miss you while you're gone, but you'll come back. 

You got what I knead.

Muscles, ligaments, tendons, and my favorite- fascia.  We all have them, in the same basic order.  You might think your skin is what I'm thinking of when I first put my (occasionally cold) hands on you. It's not.  So women, it doesn't matter if you "forgot to shave your legs".  The guy ahead of you has never shaved his.  And I might have also "forgotten".

 Besides relying on my anatomy-geek knowledge background and my practical skills, I use acupressure and also incorporate my knowledge of the body's energy systems and meridians when I work.  Many times, clients have unusual sensations or feelings of "release" when I'm focusing this kind of work on a particular area.  It's very powerful and healing, like the Reiki addition.  I've had people suddenly have a memory of childhood, or the taste of a food in their mouth, or a color in their field of vision.  It's fascinating. The muscles hold memories, and when they are released, some people get instant relief of a chronic condition.  The human body is an incredible system of components.

When I am working on you, I am seeing your components with my hands.  I am seeing how things feel, if that makes sense.  The pictures in my head are of the icky things you probably wouldn't want to see, but which I find fascinating; sinewy, stringy, wriggling muscle, fascia, connections, scars, adhesions, knots, "crunchies", etc.  I work on what needs working.  Sometimes, it's not the thing you think it is, but something else entirely that is calling my attention.  Your back might hurt, but it's your feet and ankles that are the problem.   We never know where the problem area is hiding... I'll find it.  Trust me.  *insert mad scientist laugh here*


Keep. It. Simple. Sillyhead.

There is something to be said for simplicity.  I don't generally use a lot of "tools" or smells or special oils/lotions.  I like a hypoallergenic cream for most sessions.  It smells a little like eucalyptus and peppermint, which most people appreciate.  I also have this in no-smell.  I buy it by the gallon, that's how much I like the way it works.  However, with each continuing education series I find myself drawn to, I also discover that some tools are helpful.  My current favorite is Vacuum Cupping therapy.  Very effective.  And you leave with cool cup marks to show your friends! (No, they don't hurt)

When I do a Reiki session, I use colored stones and crystals, as well as a few essential oils to enhance the energetic value of the work.  While I'm not sure exactly why this works, it does.  And if you ask me how I know which stones, crystals or oils will be the right ones for you, I'll answer you like this:  "I dunno.  I just listen to the voices".  They're usually right.  I work in this same frame when I do massage work.  I "listen" to my intuition and let my hands do what they are supposed to do where they are guided to do it. I think it's the Reiki, slipping in and helping me out while I'm working the hard stuff.  I have no explanation as to how I found that spot on your left rib that makes your headaches go away forever.  It just "is". And I'm ok with that.

 Oh, and another thing: There will be homework. I can't do all the work, after all. 

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